Deleting videos & photos
from the internet
to restore your reputation

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We delete

Videos on social networks: YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook
Photos on social networks: Instagram, Facebook
Black PR and copyright infringing materials in large and small quantities!
We do it legally, without any hacking tricks, internet bots or fraud of any kind.
Our internet experts and international lawyers will be at your service.

How we do it

We carefully
study your
We send you
our report and
price evaluation
After getting
your consent,
we choose the most
effective approach
Work on the problem
and eliminate it
We only get paid
after the work
has been completed

We guarantee

Payment upon delivery and zero risk for you.
Complete privacy from the moment you contact us.
If the information has been re-uploaded, we will delete it 2 more times for free.
We can bring the bad video down and your video up to the TOP on YouTube.
Our partners are reputable and well-known PR agencies.
We have been doing this since 2014.

What will it cost for me?

Your reputation is priceless.
The rest is manageable.
Deleting videos

One video on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook or Instagram.

starting from $1500

Payment upon deletion

Deleting photos

One photo on Instagram, Facebook or any other social network.

starting from $500

Payment upon deletion

Bulk order

Deleting more than 1 photo or video. The more you need deleted – the better the deal.


Payment upon deletion

We will do a free audit
of your request within 30 minutes!
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We guarantee complete privacy of our clients, so we never disclose any names or photo materials.
These reviews have been written by our actual customers.
  • Mister Х
    Mister Х
    Our company does water purification and sells water filters. In March of 2019 we faced a cyber-attack from our competitors...>
    Mister Х
    Mister Х
    They helped me take down an incriminating picture. I had to wait a few weeks, but now I am so relieved!...>
  • Missis Х
    Missis Х
    About the price – I know that you have the best prices and the quality of work, and you were great at organizing...>
    Missis Х
    Missis Х
    I’ve transferred the money, thanks for being so professional! It was a pleasure working with you and I will def recommend...>

Our partners

Large reputation management, marketing and PR agencies

3 interesting facts

Interesting fact #

A new YouTube rule: it is now almost impossible to re-upload a video deleted for copyright infringement. The platform does everything to prevent that from happening. So there is almost no chance a deleted video will come back to YouTube.

Interesting fact #

The Internet lives by its own rules and the court can’t always influence it. We had clients who spent years and thousands of dollars in courts with no result. The damaging videos remained on the internet.

Interesting fact #

We know very well how the internet works and what the rules are. Our expert knowledge of the internet and the law helps us do what no court can for our clients.

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