We undertake even the most complicated case, constantly refine the tools and achieve high satisfaction of our customers. We have already taken the business of many famous persons to a new level. Over here the tasks and the results of their solutions are represented.


Objective: Setting of channel, re-optimizing old videos, adding news ones, up to 30 videos per month, optimization of video, creation of thumbnails, end screens, tooltips.

Result: for one year of work the number of views was 1 300 000 WITHOUT ADVERTISEMENT,

The cost of our services per year was $ 15 000. During this time the company could attract 3 250 new customers with an average bill of $ 31. Based in this the company’s earnings have increased by $ 100 000 per year. Economic efficiency of works that we performed was 2 708%. Payback period of all expenses was less than 2 weeks!

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Why "X"? - We do not disclose the names of our customers who order video removal. This information is fully confidential.

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