We undertake even the most complicated case, constantly refine the tools and achieve high satisfaction of our customers. We have already taken the business of many famous persons to a new level. Over here the tasks and the results of their solutions are represented.

How we helped to protect a person from negative content and promote his own brand

We were addressed by a famous figure in the business field. Let us call him Mister X.

4 years ago a very unpleasant situation occurred to him that gained publicity in the Internet network. Multiple negative clips appeared which harassed the life of our customer. Mister X turned to court with a claim. Time was passing, court trial became protracted without any results. The customer spent large sums of money for lawyers, lost his time and nerves in court. But all this brought no results. The case dragged on, defendants were not held accountable. The customer started losing his positions in business.

As a result Mister X who was squeezed like orange by all this court wiggery addressed our company and we gladly agreed to help him.

Our specialists have performed monitoring of negative information about the customer that was available in YouTube and have signed a contract with the customer for the price $ 50 000.

All negative videos were removed.

After this the customer with a clear conscience could start promoting his brand, himself as a personality, opened highly profitable business and has even written his own book.

Therefore, having addressed our company, Mister X could clear the network from negative information about his person, save his time, nerves and money. At the same time the result was opening perspective highly profitable business by him.


Are there negative clips filmed about you which spoil your reputation and make your life uneasy? Contact us!

Why "X"? - We do not disclose the names of our customers who order video removal. This information is fully confidential.

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