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How we freed the network from negative video responses from competitors and withdrew the company from crisis

The company dealing with sales of equipment for tourism and leisure.

A number of negative video responses about the activity of this company became very widespread in the Internet network. The clips had no justified basis. After analyzing their origin it became clear that this negative content is dumped into Internet by a competing company.

The customer asked to remove all negative clips about his company to prevent decrease of sales and the level of net profit which at the moment when he contacted us was almost zero.

As a result of completed analysis our employees have revealed a possibility to remove 20 video responses.

  • The overall amount of the contract was $ 40 000.
  • As a result of removing negative content dumped into the network by unscrupulous competitors our customer could increase the level of his sales and earn about $ 150 000. Thus the company got out of the oncoming crisis.

Expenses for removing negative responses paid off dramatically due to increase in the company’s profit.

At the present stage the customer’s company is developing actively and improving its financial parameters.

  • We do not disclose names

Do you want to protect your company from negative influence of unscrupulous competitors, increase your profit and get out of crisis? Contact us!

Why "X"? - We do not disclose the names of our customers who order video removal. This information is fully confidential.

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