We have been working on the Internet for a long time. We know who and why is trending right now. We have solved the specific issues for a range of clips on YouTube. We know the secrets of business promotion and what is a more profitable way for a new brand to compete against the army of competitors. Do you also want to be aware of everything and to increase your efficiency? In our blog you will find everything you need.

Everyone knows why vloggers strive to get the video into TOP. By reaching the pinnacle, a videoclip gets special status, YouTube promotes it itself adding into «Popular» and «Recommended». And this means millions of views, hundreds of thousands of subscribers, increasing channel rating, left alone profit received from monetization. For business people this offers prospects of drastic development of their business: attracting potential customers and increasing sales. So, what should be done to get the video into TOP?


SEO optimization is considered the most important to advance the video into TOP. For the highest probability of getting there an adequate approach is required to the selection of key words and correct placement of them in the name, description and tags. YouTube has a strict system of tracking metadata and you’d better not make any jokes with it, therefore keys should be selected strictly according to the subject of the clip.


A bumper for the video is important for the viewer. The most important is not to make it too bright and unrealistic, otherwise it may cause repulsion in case of preview. Then comes the name of the clip which definitely lets the user understand if it is worthy to click on the video or not.


The most important behavioral factor that influences the process of getting into TOP 20 is the retention of audience. If an average value is less than 70%, the clip will not get onto front page, and even if it gets there, it will not stay for the stipulated term. Retention of audience is directly influenced by the content quality.


Immediately after uploading the video on YouTube it is necessary to distribute it in the Internet. Placement of the clip on other video sites and its integration at sites significantly increases conversion.


YouTube must understand that video is popular not only among the viewers of the site, but also for other users of the Internet. It is mandatory for the clip to be shared in social networks, both in the feed and in messengers. More reposts will there be in the first hours, the higher the probability that video will get into the TOP at once.


Clips of the popular vloggers often get into YouTube trends and receive hundreds of thousands of views daily. Ordering advertisement from a vlogger is an ideal option to promote video or channel. It is important to catch up with the YouTube wave at the beginning of the views growth.


Google provides an opportunity to promote clips using advertisement. It is a good solution if you wish to get into TOP 20, the more so as all views that you will get will be from your target audience.


This is the surest way to get into TOP at YouTube, but, unfortunately, nobody knows what clip will make a hit. Even specialists cannot guarantee creation of viral video. Thus it is easier just to buy the place of the viral video.


As you understand taking the video into TOP 20 is not a game but serious work. Of course, each of the methods works, but ideally integrated promotion is required. And if some points you can implement yourself and free of charge, more efficient ones will prove to be costly for you. A logical question arises: Why, for example, order advertisement from a popular blogger, if you can order integrated promotion of video into TOP-20 and don’t be bothered with it? Experienced specialists will do what is needed themselves, they will adjust what is required, what should be set and what should be «pushed» to make the clip get its place in the TOP at YouTube.

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