We have been working on the Internet for a long time. We know who and why is trending right now. We have solved the specific issues for a range of clips on YouTube. We know the secrets of business promotion and what is a more profitable way for a new brand to compete against the army of competitors. Do you also want to be aware of everything and to increase your efficiency? In our blog you will find everything you need.

YouTube offers great opportunities for authors. But to work at the site for a long time and efficiently it is required to comply with the terms of use, community principles, monetization rules and the rules of the program Adsense itself which allows earning by displaying advertisement.


Clips of any subjects can be uploaded to YouTube, however, there are general restrictions:

  • Only proprietary content can be added to site. During optimization of video images and metadata are forbidden which do not correspond to the clip content even if they don’t violate the rules.
  • Discrimination, violence, threats, hatred, provoking hazardous actions, aggression, sexual content, nudity, disregarding rights of children, publication of people without their permission, etc. is not allowed.
  • Moreover, it is strictly forbidden to make appeals to the viewers to follow advertisement links or to use additional methods for getting more clicks. In the official source there is a prohibition to appeal to viewers about liking videos, but up to now AdSense has been loyal to it.


Not all violations lead to strike from YouTube. Video that was noticed as the one containing materials protected by Content ID system, can be blocked without deterioration of the channel’s reputation. But it will still be monetized by the holder of copyright.

If there are serious violations at your channel, you can receive a YouTube strike. After this a penalty will follow:

  • For one strike monetization will be switched off for 3 months. If you violated copyright when you were live, this possibility will also be switched off for this period.
  • Two YouTube strikes – rating will be reduced and the counter will again be set for 90 days. If the duration of the first strike has not expired yet and the channel received a second warning, you will be forbidden to upload clips to your channel for two weeks.
  • Three strikes – your account will be blocked, all channels related to it will be blocked as well and the video will be irrevocably deleted. After that it will be forbidden to create channel from this account.


In order to avoid your video or your channel being blocked, YouTube rules must be followed and the above-mentioned principles of community must not be violated. Only proprietary clips can be uploaded. Music for composition must be taken from YouTube recordings library or you must connect to media network with large licensed recordings storage.


You can wait for the strike to end, but it’s better to take steps instantly to avoid losing income from monetization. It is especially true if you are sure that there are no violations in the video or that it was deleted by mistake. There are several legal ways to remove YouTube strike.

If a complaint from a user was received against you, start negotiating with him, perhaps he will accommodate your request. Also it’s possible to send a counter notification to YouTube moderators with all the proofs of responsible work and lack of violations.

Please pay attention! Even if you delete the disputable video, the strike will not be removed anyway.

In order to avoid risk and not to conduct negotiations with hater-bloggers or YouTube robots, address the professionals at once. Our specialists can conduct negotiations properly, they are influential and they have their own points of emphasis, therefore in most cases they win the case with the least losses for the customer.

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