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  • Video, photo and article removal;
  • Ongoing reputation protection;
  • Execution of court judgements.
  • Maintaining commercial YouTube channel;
  • Video promotion to TOP 3;
  • International market reach.
  • Ad video promotion;
  • Creating a personal brand on the Internet;
  • Blogger advertising.

How we work

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Our mission – to make the world better! By removing negative stuff, protecting copyrights and integrity of your private life – we create your ideal story.

The company «YouStory Global» was founded in 2018. We saw great perspectives for the development of business and advertisement market on YouTube. Our specialists have become the best in creation and maintenance of profitable channels for the famous bloggers and large companies. The negative stuff and aggression on the Internet prevented us from completing the set tasks and our customers from developing efficiently. This served as a reason to create a new service «removal of undesirable videos, photos, articles on the Internet». This idea proved to be quite timely and in demand. Many large companies and famous people found their Internet-savior embodied in «YouStory Global». Since we started, we have already helped 1234 customers, having increased their income $14.7 min. USD.


We perform a complete analysis of your requirements
We send out our report and cost estimation for your consideration
We select an efficient method if we have your approval
We accept and process your order
You transfer the payment when the work is complete


Copyright infringing materials
Photos, videos, articles and their fragments
Privacy violating materials
Personal data, participation in photos, videos
Any outdated videos, channels on YouTube
If the last activity is more than 3 months ago
Photos and videos from social networks
Facebook, VK, OK, YouTube, Instagram
Negative PR
Compromising photos, videos, articles, news, reviews
Irrelevant materials
Photos, videos which are outdated and do not fit the current image


Incompetent negotiations with the author. Fast distribution of undesirable materials.
Rigged dislikes or views. The clip gets under protection of YouTube and it becomes impossible to delete or block it.
Submission of complaint against trademark. Aggression from author’s part, court trials.
Submission of unjustified complaint against violation of privacy. Denial to solve the problem and further distribution of personal information.
Complaints against violation of copyrights without proper proofs. Blocking of the applicant’s account.
Ordering services from questionable companies. Losses of money, repeated placement of deleted materials.

Our advantages

Complete privacy
No hidden payment.
Everything the quoted price
We’ve been accumulating priceless experience since 2014
Our partners are large PR agencies
Negative information does not emerge again
Payment on actual basis is possible

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